NOVEMBER 24, 2013

What an awesome time to be alive to actually see the signs in the heavens that Jesus and the prophets spoke of. The Comets are coming, the Comets are here. There are actually (4) Comets that can be seen in the early morning sky, this has not happened before in recent history and can't be dated when this may have happened in history past.

COMETS LOVEJOY, ISON, ENCKE & LINEAR are all putting on a Celestial show and revealing many prophetic messages that could probably fill a small book.

Love never fail and Love is stronger than death. God is Love, operating from this Love is what brings Joy unspeakable and full of glory. Out of pure Love will and can only be birth ISON (a son), this is the power to BE-Come manifested sons of God. A child is born, but a son is given.

Read the hidden prophetic messages of Comet Lovejoy here. December 17, 2011, we post ~~ COMET LOVEJOY LIVES


Comet Encke, when I saw the name Encke (pronounced En-key), my mind immediately went to ancient Sumeria. If you understand prophetic sign language, you realize that there are no coincidences and the heavens do prophesy.

In the ancient Sumerian (Mesopotamian-ancient Iraq) creation text, from which we seem to have derived the edited version of Genesis, we are given much information to fill in the blanks. The Sumerian wrote and believed that an ancient race of beings called Gods (extraterrestrial) traveled to this planet. They were called Annunaki, meaning those who from heaven came, they descended upon Earth in their crafts. One of the (3) main Gods (Elohim Company) was responsible for the creation of humans. His name was ENKI (pronounced En-Key).

In the ancient Akkadian language of the Sumerians En means LORD or High Priest and Ki means Earth. Enki means Lord or Priest of the Earth. That sounds like or seems to point toward the Order of Melchizedek, the Cosmic Priesthood.

The coming of Comet Encke into our Solar System, seems to be pointing toward the Return of the ancient Gods, the coming of Enki. Could Enki be the same God, Messiah, that all the ancient religions are looking for, but is call by different names? Comet Encke wont be seen again until year 2030.

Comet Encke is now traveling through the constellation of LEO the Lion, coming closer to earth. Who is the One called the Lion of the tribe of Judah? Is it not Jesus, the High Priest of an everlasting covenant, forever after the Order of Melchizedek, the undying Priesthood?


[You'll have to have a slight paradigm shift and have a bit of knowledge about the Matrix films to see the prophetic parallels below. Everything is prophetic.)

We have been given powerful keys to the kingdom, but a key is no good if it remains unused on the key ring. The key must be inserted into the slot designed for it. Comet En-Key is telling us that this is the season to use the keys (skill, knowledge, tools, opportunities) that have been given us.

Put the Key En, doors that have been locked will be opened. Put the Key En and lock up negative doors of the past. Put the Key En and unlock the mysteries of the universe, and spirituality within. Put the Key En to exit the matrix and experience the fulness of Source.

In the the Matrix movie, the Key Maker was a program designed to open the door to SOURCE for the ONE (Neo). The Key Maker had been held captive in the Chateau by the evil program called Merovingian, symbolized as Satan. The Key Maker was released by the outdated rogue programs of phantom vampire twins, called Cain and Abel. Listen to the Key Maker.

Is there an astronomical connection as a 2nd or 3rd witness to this? Yes! As stated in the film Matrix - Reloaded; the Key Maker was a captive of the Merovingian (Satan). The planet Saturn with the perpetual giant hexagram and storm has rings. Saturn represents Satan or something negative in mythology. The large gap between Saturn's rings is called ~~ THE ENCKE GAP . So we see that the Key Maker (Encke) has been a captive of Saturn - But thank God the death, the grave, nor hell could hold him. He's on the move through Leo and it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!! Come on and light up the sky Comet Encke!! [Take the liberty to chant the names of the Comets and summon their energies. LOVEJOY, ISON, EN-KEY].

Comet Linear is only reminding us that everything will be set in it proper place. Divine order individually, and globally is coming, in spite of all the chaos. Love will produce the manifestation of the Sons of God (ISON) that will use the Key (Enki) to open the way to Source for all to come into Alignment (Linear) with Him. Rejoice with the heavens!!


Here is our Prophecy & Interpretation of the Sun Flipping Out, posted on August 9, 2013. This will give you more insight into what is happening and will be happening. Read here ~~ THE SUN FLIPS OUT


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