DECEMBER 10, 2013

At around 42 minutes into the interview of Pastor Lindsey in the previous blog about Global Currency Reset, he talks about Smart Meters. He mentioned something very interesting that Eye knew years ago intuitively, but could not prove it. He mentioned that the megahertz on the Smart Meter is 905 MHz frequency which resonates with the brain wave pattern to dumb you down.

Over 12 years ago I was teaching at a School of Prophets meeting and while I was speaking, I had a revelation. Eye saw that the ages (numbers-digits) given in the genealogy of the descendents of Adam in Genesis are codes for frequencies that will be discovered and used in our time. I don't remember most of the prophetic word, besides the Spirit strongly urging us to pay close attention to the ages. He said these are codes for frequencies that would be used in both positive and negative ways in the future.


"And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the Yahweh." Genesis 4:26

"And all the days of Enos were nine hundred and five years: and he died." Genesis 5:11

905 MHz is the age of Enosh death, the son of Seth. Enosh means mortal. Seth saw something in his son that reminded him of the immortality that his parents once experienced had been swallowed up by mortality, something frail and dying. Whatever it was that Seth, the Appointed One saw; it seem to have had an affect on many people. "Then men and women began to call on the name of the Yahweh."

905 MHz microwave frequency is believed by some to be able to suppress TP53, the protein that keeps us from getting cancerous tumors. It is believed by some that 905mhz frequency allows brain tumors to form or creates brain tumors. This frequency seems to be able to suppress EEG brain wave activity, causing slow thinking, lethargy, a docile state of being and dumbness. It seems like this frequency targets the brain and cancer fighting proteins.

Following a spiritual hunch, I felt to look into the Strong's Bible Concordance to see what I would find if I looked up the number 905 in the Hebrew Concordance. It's the Hebrew word "BAD". It is pronounced like our English word "bad". Bad means separation, apart, alone; besides.

In the Greek New Testament the number 905 is "Ballantion", this means, money bag, purse. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. This is the bottom line for all that the evil ones do.

By year 2016 over 100 million Smart Meters will have been installed in Europe, nearly every home in America already has one. These Smart Meter all emit a radio frequency between 900-928 mhz. This is right within the range that targets Tumor Protein 53, possibly suppressing it, allowing the body to grow tumors and cancers.

Enosh from 5000 years ago is associated with the 905, then men and women began to call on the name and worship Yahweh. There is another hidden mystery attached. Enosh son was Cainan. Cainan means Possession. This is possession of the Promised Land of our mortal being, transforming it into immortal. What the enemy meant for evil (bad) will be turned for our good (ballantion).

Here is what we did 2 years ago regarding the ~~ SMART METERS

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