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OCTOBER 6, 2011

Shalom All,

Whew, this month going fast. We can hardly keep up, everything is yet accelerating. We are being moved closer and faster to our planetary date with destiny. We shall be changed!!

Here's a message below from Gary Sigler that really blessed me. It was so refreshing to hear what I consider an Elder and major voice in the Kingdom of God address this issue about the Finished work. Over the years it has been so frustrating to see the imbalance in people that have the message intellectually but somehow it hasn't reached the heart to produce CHANGE. In some cases, Grace has rapidly turned to dis-Grace.

Meditate on the message below:


A message from Sigler Ministries

The finished work has been a great controversy in the Christian circles. I believe mostly because of the unbalance of some of the teachings. I will share how I see this great truth.

Of course the work was finished as Jesus said from the cross. The scriptures also says that the works were finished from the foundation of the world. Many hear these truths and begin to try and believe the work was finished and therefore there is nothing left for us to do. They say �We are finished and there is no further processing needed.� To me this is a foolish thing to say. Some of those who are claiming this are still full of negative things in their lives. Since they believe there is no more processing they are stuck with a doctrine that is useless to them. I really do not care for the word processing either. We are not being processed, however through tribulation we seem to seek God more and then our understanding begins to open up to the truth of completeness.

I do believe the works were finished from the foundation of the world. However the work was finished in the spirit and must be worked out in our experience. There is an objective truth and a subjective truth. They are both true but if we only have the objective it will not bring change to our lives. We must have the subjective experience of becoming all that Jesus said and taught. ...

Paul said �You are complete in Him.� It could be said this way, �In your spirit you are a new creation and a complete man. All things are made new. However you have fallen in your mind and have lost the reality of being complete. Therefore you must have the eyes of your understanding opened and the veils removed from your mind so you can experientially walk in the completeness.�

So I say we are complete but let us not settle for an intellectual understanding of the finished work. Let us press on in meditation and in seeking the wisdom that is from above (higher realms of consciousness) until the life in us swallows up all death and then we will be transfigured as Jesus was on the mount. We are a wonderful light being so let us shine and awake from the dust of earthly thinking.

Much love and blessing to all

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