SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

We realize that people are experiencing life everyday; challenges, success, joy and sorrows. We are all energetically connected and there are subtle messages and not so subtle messages in all of our experiences. For those of us which are spiritual, we tend to see more than just the actual event; whether globally, or in individual lives. When a major event is happening to one that is in a position of leadership, the event will always be layered with prophetic clues or messages.

Over the past (2) days we ended our series on insight into VIRGO and her Decans (sub-constellations). With Centaurus and Bootes there was a strong emphasis on the wound in the foot of Centaurus and the wound in the foot of Bootes.

The Spirit always gives us a prophetic sign or confirmation to a message He is revealing. The Sun is yet n Virgo until the 22rd of September.

Just to quickly refresh your memory; Centaurus rises from September 3 - 12. He is the second decan (face) of Virgo. The image is half man half horse, dual natures; a type of Jesus, the God- man. Centaurus was wounded in the foot by a poisonous arrow. Through his selfless act of giving up his immortality, he delivered Prometheus (humanity) from Eternal Torment. Read CENTAURUS SUFFERING


A few days ago, I received an email from Gary Sigler at KINGDOM RESOURCES. The email basically stated that the on going problem he has had with his foot, extreme pain force him to go to the emergency. He was admitted, and due to extreme circumstances, he has agreed to have the foot amputated. He is at peace with his decision. The surgery is today, 9/10/12, as Centaurus rises. Join us in prayer, sending love and energy toward Gary.

I emailed Gary and jokingly thanked him for volunteering to be prophetic sign to confirm the messages from Virgo and what God is doing in the Body. I think many of you that read our blog is familiar with Gary & Carol Sigler's ministry. They have been leaders in the what is termed the "Kingdom Movement (Ministries)" for many years. They have a powerful message of GRACE, Unconditional Love and deliverance from Eternal Torment (hell).

I saw the parallel in Centaurus, with the wounded foot rising at this specific time and his mission to deliver Prometheus from eternal torment.

Eye believe that this is a prophetic sign, not only for Gary, but for us. What is happening with him in the natural is also happening to us spiritaully (those that are called to a higher calling as ministers of reconciliation and Grace).

Eye felt to share Joshua 3:1-5 with Gary, especially; verse 4, "You have not Walked this way before." He will have a different walk soon. After praying about it, I received more insight.


In the Book of Joshua, they were on the borders of the Promised Land. They had to circumcise all the males at a place called Gilgal, before they could enter the land. Something had to be cut off and they were about to walk differently than they had before.

In the Book of Ruth, we have the beautiful story of Ruth and Boaz. The scripture says Ruth was instructed to go and lay beside Boaz and uncover his feet. For most of my life, I thought it really meant his literal smelly feet, until I started to research Middle Eastern and Asian Culture.

Feet were used as a euphemism for the genitals. Without going into a lot of details, what Ruth uncovered was not his feet. The Moabitess widow rocked his world, to the point he was willing to give her the whole field that she had worked hard in the next day. Another example is in Isaiah 6. The seraphim had wings to cover their "feet". The wings covered their genital.

Gary's foot being amputated is a type of circumcision that's happening on many levels in the Body of Christ. We must make the decision to let go and cut off that which is no longer productive and slows you down.

Eye believe we are on the verge of something so great in the Kingdom of God, that we have waited for. Two days (2000) years have passed and gone. We are now being moved from our familiar places. We are seeing the Ark more clearly and going after it. But we can no longer rely on how we have done things in the past. This experience, that we are moving into is not going to be totally like we have envisioned, preached, taught or sang about. Your eyes have not fully seen, your ears have not fully heard, there will be many surprises. You have not walked this way before.

Just as Gary will be fitted with the new foot and will learn to walk with it, so we must be fitted for this new way that Spirit reveals individually and learn to walk in it. You have not walked this way before.

Sanctify yourselves, Tomorrow, the LORD will do wonders among you.

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