GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET -The World Is Walking Away From U.S. Treasuries & Dollar

SEPTEMBER 10, 2013


In September 9 interview on the Golden Jackass, Dr. Jim Willie exposes the Money Policy, Political Policy, and War Policy of America. This information is explosive and he also confirms some things we have prophesied early this year and a few years ago.

He makes it very clear that our worthless dollar days are numbered and he feels it is a matter of several months. Dr. Willie says, "This is financial survival. Nations need to depart from the dollar, and the first ones that do will be the survivors, and last ones will enter the third world."

At around 14 minutes in the video, he begins to lead into what happens when the Dollar reaches Critical Mass. The USA will have to devalue the dollar by 30%. There will be 3 different violence centers; ATM's, Gas Stations and Grocery Stores.

At around 21 minutes in the interview, Dr. Jim Willie says he had heard that the US will call home All Dollars in October. In January 2013, Eye prophesied that there would be a strong "possibility" for a system crash in October 2013. An excerpt from that prophecy is below. We also mention the that there would be talk about New Currency between Cancer and Leo (July-August)

[We glorify the Most High God in all this because I know nothing about economic, or the world of finance, besides what Spirit says or the little I research. Actually, that goes for many of the things we share.]

"Eye see the strong possibility for a New Currency to be in place by July 2013 - If it is not, there will be strong talks about it. Eye am hearing lots of conversation in the media about Currency and changes while the Sun is in Cancer and Leo.

NEW 100 DOLLAR BILL PRINTING MISTAKE August 14, 2013 - [Sun in Leo according to the word of the Lord]

(We realize that there is a private economy that those who seek Him are a part of, therefore, the outward economy should not cause us much concern)

Eye see around October 2013, there is a possibility for a crash or "system failure" - As the Sun moves from Libra to Scorpio - there seems to be some major challenges on the planet." YEAR OF THE BLACK SNAKE PROPHECY - written 1/4/13

[In August we also posted Bix Weir confirmation to what the Eye (Ayin) had shown me].

"Financial guru and author, Bix Weir seems to also refer to astrology to make this bold prediction, the energies of Pluto in Capricorn. The timing projected for further Banking Collapse by Bix Weir and others are between now and October 2013. "Whether or not the banking collapse happens between now and October remains to be seen." Bix Weir. This is the exact time line that was shown to me in January 2013, when we posted our Prophecies for 2013.ALL DEBT TO BE ERASED

Dr Jim Wilie predicts Gold will soon soar to $3000.00 an ounce, then to $5000.00 an ounce. At around 25 minutes of the interview in the link below, he shares this insight. "It going to be all about possession of gold to protect yourself." I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard that. Why? In year 2010 and in 2011, the Spirit said the exact same thing to me and we posted it in a blog in 2011. Of course, it disturbed some people and they thought I had really missed it. Here is an excerpt from that prophetic word in 2011.

"EYE See this year there will be another spike and over the next few years Gold will be over $3000.00 an ounce and SILVER near $500.00 an ounce. Copper, Platinum, and all the Metals must rise - the heavens have prophesied it. INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE." PROPHECY GIVEN 2011 - January 1, 2011


Our intent for sharing this is not to create hype or fear. Our intent is to create awareness. In the process, we must uproot old paradigms and how we view currency. Money/Currency will play a big role in establishing God's Kingdom in the Earth realm, Jesus (Yahshua) taught this. Sadly, many Believers that supposedly have come out of Babylon yet have an unhealthy and illogical view about money.

Listen to this fascinating interview in the link here GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET IN PROCESS - DR JIM WILLIE

God seems to validate the things we post, even though some seem unorthodox. I view that interview as validation for an opportunity we have recently made available to those who read us. We realize that not everyone needs this type of opportunity or information. Based on today's news with Dr. Jim Willie, I know it is no coincidence that we have been sharing information about the importance of Karatbars Int'l and check this link: HOW TO EXCHANGE YOUR WORTHLESS DOLLARS TO GOLD. It makes sense to acquire physical possession of grams of gold at affordable prices that's readily usable. Poverty mentality will cause procrastination, fear and inability to see beyond living month to month, week to week, or day to day.

Ancient Israel received a limited blessing each day for nearly 40 years. It was good and miraculous, but it was God's second best. God's best for them was to be in the land flowing (abundance-wealth) with milk and honey. Why settle for good when we can have the best?

Wait a minute. Didn't we just hear the expert talk about the Economy crashing and read your prophecies about the strong "possibility" of what October or while the Sun is in Scorpio could bring? Yes and yes. But what I am trying to show you is, there is an economy that exist outside of the world's economy. The world's economy need to crash, so that it can reboot. We are in this world but not of this world. Our economy is from a higher dimension, it's God's economy. There is no system failure or need for QE in it. Did not Joseph prosper during the 7 years of great tribulation (famine)? Did not Elijah kept on eating during the famine he caused by prophesying, "according to my word"? Raven Catering Service took bread and meat from Jezebels' table and brought it to the Prophet.

We must think outside the box. In order to survive and thrive during this great transition, we must look at different ways to acquire not a paycheck, but wealth. Get out of of the old ideas. We are living in a time of acceleration of all things, that includes how wealth and abundance can be generated. You are Blessed!!

Q & A

If there is system failure in the Fall season, will all debt be erased? That sure would be good, but not for sure about that.

What will happen to the Dinar RV exchange during or after system failure? All paper money will be devalued and the banks probably wont be the best place to keep it for a while.

What could happen in October or anytime after if all the US Dollars are called, or the system collapse? There would be a transition period as what happened in several European countries over the past few years. ATM's wont work, you probably wont get a paycheck, SSI, government assistance, food stamps, etc during the early stages. You wont have access to your money in the banks, you wont be able to buy gas or food for a while.

How long could that last? Several days, weeks or a month possibly. The entire country might not be rebooted at the same time.

What is the most important thing I need to do to prepare for this inevitable event? Be prepared spiritually!!! Be prepared psychologically. Acquire gold now. Jesus said, "I advise you to buy gold...that you may be rich." Revelation 3:18


ADDENDUM Due to multiple emails and phone calls asking how to get the physical Gold we have added this link that hopefully makes it clearer:



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