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AUGUST 29, 2011


On August 24 we posted a blog called "Phallic Worship" where we exposed the true meanings behind the Washington Monument and other Obelisks. - http://www.atam.org/Phallicworship.html - Later that day we prepared the August 25th blog (King Monument), we decreed that the Satanic phallic symbol must be destroyed. - http://www.atam.org/DrKingmonument.html

FOX News and the Republicans are reporting that the Washington Monument is leaning to the Right. MSNBC News and the Democrats looking from another angle are reporting that it is leaning to the Left. (It doesn't matter, they will continue on having their cockfights about which direction it is leaning). They are puzzled how only a 5.8 earthquake could cause this. We are reporting, it must fall and that this is a sign that the kingdoms of this world are losing their power, and that the kingdoms of this world must become the Kingdom of our LORD and His anointed Ones.

This huge phallic symbol is losing its erection as the life source is being cut off. This monument is a symbolic of the Secret Societies and Orders of the Elite. They are represented by "misused" male energies; they consider themselves to be the god of this world. Their power base is waning and the prophetic manifestation is leaning right before our eyes. It was no coincidence that the Washington Monument was damaged August 23 as the Sun moved into the feminine sign Virgo. This is just another prophetic clue that there is a shift from "misused" male (phallic) dominated energies on the planet.

The Washington Monument was damaged the day after the King Monument (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr) was unveiled August 22 while the Sun was yet in Leo the kingly sign. The kings came out of the tribe of Judah, which the Zodiac sign of LEO was assigned to. Jesus the King of kings was called, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. There are prophetic clues hidden in every event. The unofficial dedication of the King Monument had to take place while the Sun was in the kingly sign of Leo. (There is no contradiction-we are speaking about misused male dominated energies that has caused the wars, superiority, and much destruction; instead of peace).

The King Monument is foreshadowing and symbolic of the coming King of kings. It is prophesying about the Kingship anointing that will allow us to move in full authority. I am reminded of a story in the Bible, when the Ark of the Covenant was captures by the Philistines and brought into the Temple of Dagon, the Fish-god. The following morning after the Ark was placed in Dagon's Temple, the huge stature had fallen on its face before the Ark. Dagon devotees were shocked, they picked up their huge Fish-god and erected him again. The next morning he was also fallen on his face before the Ark (King), his hands and head had been mysteriously cut off and nothing but the stump or base of the body was left. 1 Samuel 5:1-4 The Ark had a golden crown around the edges, representing Kingship. "You shall overlay it with pure gold, and you shall make a crown around it". Exodus 25:11 Every false god must bow before the King of the Universe. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.


We have shown how the King Monument unveiling and unofficial dedication happened during the last day the Sun was in Leo. Each Zodiac sign house has (3) sub-constellations called decans. Each of these decans rises in order for a period of roughly (10) days covering 30 days of a month. Leo's sub-constellations are Hydra the Serpent, Crater the Cup of Wrath and Corvus the Raven. The Raven rises the last (10) days of Leo - August 12- August 22.

One of the main stars in the constellation of Corvus the Raven is Na. Na means breaking up and failing. This is the state that the leaning Washington Monument is in since the earthquake.

Without going into lots of details, Leo on the map of the heavens is about to pounce on the head of Hydra (Water Serpent), this symbolizes crushing the head of the Serpent (satan). Crater the Cup of Wrath is being poured out on the Serpent, this symbolizes what we call judgment/correction being poured out on that system. Corvus is pecking away at its flesh. From a biblical standpoint; Leo and his decans speaks of the destruction of the Satanic government or system of this world. Another interesting note is, Hydra the Serpent is the longest constellation, it cover 1/3 of the heavens. Astrologically speaking this is the dragon of Revelation 12 being cast down. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!

The Obelisk (Washington Monument) is based on the ancient cult of phallic worship, the only symbol for Baal. It was Baal worship that caused ancient Israel to be chastised throughout the years. (Remember Jezebel, Jeze-baal) Researching history of ancient religious cults, one will find that the serpent was a symbol for the male penis.

We will continue to make Decrees, watch and pray as the King of Glory comes in. There will most likely be another part to this subject. I wouldn't be surprised it be on or about the date of the official dedication of the King Monument.

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