DECEMBER 10, 2013

Pastor Lindsey Williams shares some privileged insight into the Global Currency Reset that we have been announcing for sometime. He reveals that "204 countries have agreed to Revalue (RV) their currency within 90 days. It could happen as early as next week or tomorrow. There will be a Global Currency Reset. This Global Currency Reset will be based on the assets that each country has.

The USA has NO ASSETS besides land, we ONLY have DEBT," according to Lindsey Williams. "30%-80% of anything in "paper" dollars, Pension Funds, Money Markets, etc will be confiscated... Then there will be a "currency devaluation"... There is going to be a confiscation or naturalization of Pension Funds, 401k, IRA and anything in paper," Williams insist, based on the information leaked by his elite contact.

"The United States Dollar will no longer be the reserve currency. The new reserve currency will be backed by gold. China is buying up most of the Gold. They bought up 131 metric tons of gold August 2013. September 2013 China bought up 116 metric tons of gold. November 2013 China bought up 100 metric tons of gold. Between the years 2011-12, China bought up 2232 metric tons of gold. In 24 months they bought the amount equal to world entire gold mined in one year."

(What does China know that most American don't)? Pastor Lindsey urges Americans to get out of "paper" before January 1, 2014. EXCHANGE YOUR DOLLARS FOR GOLD. Listen closely to this secret leaked information by the elite.



For 3 months now we have consistently announced, EXCHANGE YOUR DOLLARS FOR GOLD. As stated before, Eye felt that Spirit was creating a sense of urgency for us to help wake people up. I feel privileged to be in a position to not only prophesy what Eye see and is being confirmed weekly repeatedly, but to be able to show others an easy, simple and affordable way to protect their assets. Sharing with others what Karatbars Int'l is doing to put 24k Currency Grade usable gold in the hands of ordinary people has become an extension to our ministry.

Are you wondering how to protect yourself, after hearing Pastor Lindsey Williams sharing leaked information from the elite? There were many confirmations to many things we have been stating over the past several months.

We are sure that many of you yet don't quite grasp the information we have been sharing about Karatbars Int'l. It requires a paradigm shift because it is a new concept. Karatbars offers a unique compensation plan that allows a high income to be generated in the currency exchange industry-this is not MLM. Karatbars also offers a plan to protect your assets and acquire affordable highest grade of gold on the planet. Do not confuse the Business Opportunity with the Asset Protection Plan. You can protect your assets by exchanging dollars for gold without working the business.


We have been programmed to buy gold in ounces, which are not usable in a crisis situation, whereas gold in grams are. We have been programmed that we could not afford gold, it is only for the rich. Karatbars Int'l teaches us how to take the weekly or bi-weekly money one would normally put into an Annuity, Money Market, 401k, etc and purchase currency grade gold with it instead. We have been programmed to believe that we need a Broker or someone to tell us when we can spend our money or penalize us for touching our savings. Karatbars Int'l gives the power back to you, eliminates the middle man; allowing you to convert your assets to gold from the privacy of your home and have it delivered Fedex to your home or Stored for FREE.

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After looking over the information and realizing you need to act now, Do Not Register for your Free Gold Savings Account or Get Your Package until after you contact us (email). WHY?! We have a growing team mostly made up of readers of this website you would need to be a part of; we work very closely together in helping each other. Also, we could possibly save you money.

Mexican billionaire Hugo Salinas Price recently said, "what is going to be left after the dust settles (total currency collapse) is Gold. Some people will have it, some wont..."

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