MAY 9, 2012

On the 21st of the April 2012, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian scientist and engineer made the first international presentation at the Keshe Foundation centre in Belgium, the Foundation did start the full transfer of technologies to world governments.

These technologies include; Space technology, Anti-gravity, Teleportation, Free energy, Plasma Technology, the Ability to regrow Amputated parts, Curing of all major diseases, etc. Dr. Keshe intends for this powerful technologies to be used in a peaceful manner to benefit all human. It is now up to the governments of the world to utilize these technologies to benefit their people.

This amazingly generous gesture by De. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation comes 13 months and 10 days after Uranus moved into Aries. Uranus boldly prophesies, we are in a new age of technology. (Read this amazing information from the Keshe Foundation - many other links within the article).




This Spirit has been speaking over the past 2 years about suppressed technologies of various types, starting in 2012. Here are some prophetic excerpts about some of the other technologies that will be made known:

TECHNOLOGY - 2011 & Beyond - written in "January 2011 Prophecy" - Publication

EYE See an unusual form of technology emerging that looks like Artificial Intelligence... EYE See breakthroughs in human genome & DNA research, sealed documents of what has been known will be revealed.

Written February 2011 - "Ophiuchus Rising" Publication

Eye see medical technology that has been suppressed for decades that has the ability to save life and even bring back the dead will be made known by 2016.

Eye see a spiritual technology being released that will literally heal the environment as groups of people meditate and perform strange energetic holy rituals. There will be documented healing of lakes, rivers, land, trees. Areas where there has been devastation; in a short time will be restored.

Eye see major changes in the DNA of humans and every species on the planet over the next 5 years. The alien DNA (unused 97%) will become activated; clusters of genes will become unlocked as the body human morphs into the divine human.

Written February 15, 2011 - "Prophecy In Motion" Publication

EYE see a restoration of the ancient sciences, and New Sciences and technology being develop and discovered. Great strides made in genetic research- unbelievable. EYE see a fresh interest rising in alchemy, a release and download of fresh revelation of Transmutation. Transmutation means to Shift, to change thoroughly from one condition to another.

Written March 2011 - "Kingdom of Uranus" Publication

When the mind is saturated with and transformed by the energy of Uranus/Heaven; new ideas, inventions and technologies will be released to benefit all creation. (Kingdom of Uranus At Hand 3/3/11

TECHNOLOGY - "January 2012 Prophecies" Publication

Eye see breakthroughs in Communication technology, the Arts, film industry. Eye see something (don't have words for it) in the developing stages that will be revealed that will bring us one step closer to holographic type of technology. This will become public between 2012-13. Eye see technology and discoveries connected to water and the deep sea in the News.

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