JULY 26, 2013

Things are just getting more weirder day by day. Or, should I say we seem to be having a paradigm shift and our understanding is growing. As we have stated for many years, a lot of things we think of as science fiction, will be proven to be science facts. The way we read and understand the Bible must change, all the answer are there in codes and clues.

Jesus warned us about the return of the Days of Noah as a sign of His coming. During the days of Noah the planet was visited by angels, which today we called aliens. They did not keep their first estate, they had sexual intercourse with humans, animals and altered the genetics of everything on the planet. That's why Yahweh said the whole Earth was corrupt, it was contaminated by their genetic experiments and manipulation. There were giants, transhumans, hybrids, borgs, monsters, chimeras, human plant mix, human animal mix, human alien/angel mix. We are seeing this again, the planet is being visited by many races of angels/aliens. Some are here to help us and others are here to destroy what is called human again, as they did before the Great flood of Noah.

According to ancient so called Babylonian/Sumerian "mythology", which I believe is actual "history", written over 5000 years ago...there was a god called Marduk. It gets kind of complicated here because there is a large family of Gods, the Biblical term is Elohim (Gods). One reason I believe that this is history, is because the ancient cuneiform records the Genesis story of Noah (called by a different name) and the events of that day, including the Great Flood. This was written thousands of years before Moses recorded it.

Marduk is seen as a Creator God, who created Earth. He recovered the Tablets of Destiny that had been stolen. The Tablet of Destiny or Tablets of Destinies foretold of all the events of the universe. He who acquired the Tables of Destinies had the legal right to rule the universe. According to history/mythology that is Marduk. Marduk is associated with the planet Jupiter (God of gods). Marduk is also considered a War God that wars against evil. Marduk was called the god of the sky, heaven, god of light; also the storm god. Is this Marduk of the ancient Akkadian/Sumerian text the same as Yahweh of the Hebrew text?

There is a war going on for the control of this planet and its resources. The proxy wars are being played out on the physical Earth as all of the wars that have been and the coming grand finale, WW3. They are proxy wars as we have stated in the past, because greater forces that exist off planet are using the earthlings somewhat as puns to fight. (This is similar to the US arming Syrian rebels and Russia arming the Syrian government to fight). But there will be a day come, yes, in our time where we will look up and see a literal "war in the heavens". The evil Reptilian forces, in the Bible called the dragon, will be defeated by forces of Light. Revelation 12 The forces of light and darkness, good and evil will battle for rulership over this planet and solar system.

Think of it this way. You have hoodlums, petty criminals that decide they want to take over a certain neighborhood, so the young men mark their territory and fight over it. Then you have white collar political hoodlums, major war criminals that decide they want to take over nations, so they go and bomb them and take their resources. On a much greater scale, you have highly advance, hi-tech galactic hoodlums (rebellious angels/aliens), gods that want to take over planets, solar systems and galaxies, so they wage wars that last for millenniums. This is the simple story and history of what has happened on this planet and in our solar system.

Here's the Good News. Small time gangsters and hoodlums are turning to Christ and choosing good over evil, life over death. We are eye witnesses of this as we travel. The white collar political criminals and war criminals, will one day bow, because every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is LORD. The rebellious angels/aliens and 4th dimensional demonic realm - the Galactic War Criminals that have sown the seeds of war and division on this planet will have to answer to Prime Creator. They will be banished to the constellation Eridanus (fiery river of judgement) and planetary prisons of the Pleiades in the Taurus sector, until they are reconciled or realize they have been reconciled to Prime Creator. Ephesians 3:8-12, Romans 11:36


Several weeks ago something unprecedented happened, 3 American Presidents met in Africa in a Secret Meeting. In our country, we have many underground bunkers and places for dignitaries to meet in secret..why Africa? When I learned of the secret meeting I knew there had to be something big going on and posed certain questions.

"Could they have found something of great value that they want to keep hidden from the world? Could there be truth forthcoming about alien visitors, a ship or something that will soon be revealed? Is there something ancient or prehistoric that a whistle-blower will soon be blowing on? " UFO POD DROPPINGS & 3 AMERICAN PRESIDENTS IN AFRICA July 9, 2013

Watcher Marlaine Cole sent me a news article of leaked info, some intel about the reason the 3 Presidents went to Africa for an unprecedented secret meeting. Evidently one of my questions was on the right track, at least according to the intel. The 3 Presidents met with an alien. Not just any Alien, but Marduk Himself, according to leaked info. The Gods are aliens, meaning, not from this world. Jesus boldly stated that about Himself.

Yep, this is the same Marduk that's been around for thousands of years. He reportedly landed in Africa, summoned the 3 Presidents and talked with them. I would love to have been there. In time we all shall see. His ship must be out of this world. [Speaking of space ships, on a video in the link below you will hear of sworn testimony before a congress about a 26 mile diameter UFO - Galactic Federation of Light Mothership that's been seen and documented in our solar system - headed our way]. Wow! That gives me chills.

We can not say for sure all of the intel is accurate regarding the Secret Meeting in Africa, but it is highly suspicious and makes sense to me. Furthermore, the information confirms one of my suspicions of why Africa.

I can not say I agree totally with everything in this article, however, I read it with an open mind and you should also. Regarding Marduk: It will be very difficult for many to discern light from darkness in this day of masquerades. Some things that might appear evil, might be good. Some people that might appear evil, might turn out to be good or have a change of heart.

I don't see Marduk as a Reptilian, nor do I feel all Reptilians are evil. In the article below, Marduk is not perceived as an entity that's concerned about humanity. However, due to my past limited studies of Marduk and the Sumerian sacred text, I see just the opposite. (Time will tell) Through translations and name changes of the ancient Gods, it can be confusing. In the ancient Akkadian and Sumerian languages the deities are called by certain names, but in the ancient Hebrew and other Semitic languages, the same deity name is often changed.

We have gone through the December 21, 2012 end of the age cycle and have come to the time of the return of the Gods. It does make sense that Marduk and others "high masters" would begin appearing, as we have been expecting.

Secret Space War III: Marduk Lands in Africa ?




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