OCTOBER 19, 2012

There was that car-size fireball seen over northern California on Wednesday night? The media was quick to tell us that it was a loose or early meteor from the Orionid Meteor Shower that's actually not happening until this weekend.

Gerald McKeegan, an astronomer with the Chabot center, said he saw it as he was driving. "I looked up and there was this streaking ball of fire going across the sky," McKeegan said.

But it wasn't part of the Orionids. "Wrong time of the day and going in the wrong direction," he said.

The powers of heaven are being shaken. October 7, we announced The Dragon (Satan) being cast down at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles - October 7-8, the Draconid Meteor Shower. The prophetic message was actually written October 3, 2012 and posted on October 7, 2012.

Here's an excerpt of the word of the LORD:

"WATCH - Everything in the world system over the next 15-45 days. You will begin to see the casting down of evil Economic powers, Governments & Religious authorities. This will increase over the next 6 months. You will also see another Spike in violence crimes, mass murder, death - we will get into more specific in another writing. Eye give you a sign: The powers of heavens will soon shake with, Eye am hearing, SpaceQuakes? You will see the words and hear the words "spacequake" "ionosphere" shaking in the heavens - in the news.

While the old order is crumbling a New World Order will ascend, this New World Order is not the remix of the Old in disguise. However, you will need discernment to see the truth and not be deceived by what seems familiar." (Message and word given 10/3/12)

I believe the car-size fireball streaking across the sky last night and the coming Orionid Meteor shower this weekend are other clues of the power of heaven being shaken within the time frame given by Spirit. This will soon be reflected in the outer world as we transition from the old failing financial system, to one that's design to prosper all.

The Meteor Shower will be coming from Betelgeuse, the brightest star on the shoulder of Orion. Betelgeuse means the Coming. The coming of His presence is causing the Babylonian system to fall. About 60 meteors per hour is expected to be seen starting midnight October 19-20, 2012. 60=6, the number of man, carnal man. The Adamic nature and system of man is being shaken and must fall as a new system rises.


It is important to understand that the constellations carry both what is perceived as positive and negative meanings. Orion is a type of Christ, the one that comes as light or light breaker. He's been stung in the heel by Scorpius the Scorpion, as he faces the raging Bull of Taurus. However, in this article I want to share more about Orion's myths. Also, keep in mind that there is truth in all the myths.

"That he would teach you the secrets of wisdom, that they are double to what is." Job 11:6

Take a closer look at the image of Orion. Does something seem a bit off? He's a mighty hunter and very skilled...but why would he carry his sword hanging between his legs? That would be an accident waiting to happen. In the constellations this is known as Orion's Nebulae or the Great Nebulae. This nebulae hanging between Orion's legs is one of the largest that's visible to the naked eye. The Orion Nebula is an example of a stellar nursery where new stars are being born. Observations of the nebula have revealed approximately 700 stars in various stages of formation within the nebulae.

There are several myths of Orion, the giant hunter of the heavens. There is one that states he was a mighty hunter and very proud. He boasted that he had power over of all animals. However, due to his pride a small scorpion was sent by the gods to sting him and he died. This is why he is directly opposite of the Scorpion, in Taurus.

A Greek myth says that Orion the giant hunter was chasing the Pleiades (7 sisters on the shoulder of Taurus). He was in love with Merope, one of the Pleiades. He was known for having his way with a woman he desired. The giant Scorpion was sent to chase him across the heavens. As Orion the hunter sets in the western sky, Scorpius sent by the gods rises in the east in an impossible chase that will last as long as the constellations themselves.

In ancient Egypt Orion was actually the giant green-skinned god Osiris. The 3 Pyramids of the Giza Plateau were built in alignment with 3-stars of Orion/Osiris belt. Osiris, a wise god and king married Isis his sister, his brother Set was jealous and plotted his death. Set lured Osiris into a golden chest and sent it far away down the Nile river. In Isis grief, she was given a vision and shown where he was. She brought his dead body back to Egypt. (This is where the concept of sarcophagi originates - a golden box/coffin and resurrection). When Set found out, he dismembered Osiris by hacking him up into 14 pieces, spreading the pieces all over Egypt and ate or threw the giant's penis into the Nile river.

Isis and their son Horus Re-membered (put him back together) Osiris. The great gods saw the dedication of Isis to her husband and through her prayers; he was granted resurrected from the dead. He became a god over the living and dead (afterlife). However, there was one big thing missing; his Penis. One story says his jealous brother Set ate it. (That gives a whole new meaning to "penis envy," doesn't it? I suppose all gods were not created equal). The most accepted story is that he threw it in the Nile river and it was eaten by a catfish.

Isis was distraught, her husband penis had gotten hi-Jacked; so they decided to make his one and attached it to his resurrected body. (This is where the concept of dildos come from). This is believed to be the time that Penis Worship or Phallic Worship came into being. It was out of great respect and honor for the wise benevolent god-king Osiris. (Keep in mind, there is truth hidden in myths. We are only stated what was written thousands of years ago on papyrus. Check out wikipedia).


Some years ago when I studied the Egyptian story about the missing giant penis of Osiris/Orion - we are talking about giants. I felt an urge to search for it also. I knew that it had to be portrayed somewhere in the heavens, as all true myths are. And there it was, staring me right in my face all the time in plain sight. My research was confirmed, as I discovered Orion was actually called Osiris by the Egyptians.

Modern images of Orion, which is Osiris portray him with a long sheath hanging between his legs for his sword. No hunter or soldier puts their sword between their legs. However, the ancients were not afraid to draw him as the heavens depicted him in all his glory. There was Osiris penis hanging above our heads in space all this time in Orion, one of the most favorite and recognizable constellation. The sheath in this image below is closer to how this constellation should be portrayed. It takes very little imagination to see it.

So powerful was the ritual of Penis Worship over 5000 years ago, that it yet influences our worship today; especially Christianity. The missing erect penis of Osiris/Orion can be found above most pulpits in the world - it is the steeple on top of Christian churches. It is a constant reminder, although unbeknownst to many, the undying creative power and pleasure of the penis.

The Vatican, knowing what it represents were so fascinated by it til they build a giant one in their courtyard. Christian America also has a giant one called the Washington Monument.

The penis obsession yet plague our society today as we are bombarded with ads telling us that "Size Does Matter," pills to make it bigger and harder. There has been a growing emphasis on the male part. There must be a spiritual messages hidden there.

Orion/Osiris is yet very potent. Set (Satan) the usurper god of storm and chaos, which was Osiris brother, his plan to destroy him did not prevail. After many battles Horus, the son of Osiris destroyed Set. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!


On a more serious note, we have mentioned in various article over the years that there are reasons the constellation of Orion is mentioned many times throughout the Word. Orion rises April 20 - 29 in Taurus. "Can you loosen (unbuckle) the belt of Orion?" Job 38 What happens when a belt is unbuckled? Wouldn't this suggest the private parts to be exposed, in ancient dress? And today? The secrets of what's been hidden are revealed. Have you heard or seen the secrets of God? Job 15:8

The penis represent fertility, power to create, life and pleasure. Orion's Nebulae is called a stellar nursery and seems to be giving birth or creating 700 new stars as we speak. There will be many planets assigned to the 700 new stars. Who will live there in the eons to come? We originate in the not too distant constellation of the Pleiades; near the Alcyone (the Sion) star system.

Where is Orion's Belt on Earth? Is it not in Egypt on the Giza Plateau? The 3 great Pyramids. Can I prophesy to you?

Eye see the Belt is about to be unbuckled on Earth. Something spectacular will soon happen with the Pyramids that will lead to some new discoveries and confirm what many already know. It will be duplicated in the heavens or it might happen in reverse order and be duplicated on Earth-the Giza Plateau. UNBUCKLE YOUR BELT ORION!!!!! EXPOSE THE SECRETS OF THE GODS, THE SECRET TECHNOLOGY, THE STAR GATES!! UNBUCKLE YOUR BELT & SHOW US THE MYSTERIES OF CREATION & PLEASURES EVERMORE!!

The names of the 3 famous stars of Orion's Belt are: Mintaka, the Belt. Alnilam, string of pearls. Alnitak, golden grains, nuts; weighing.

Enjoy the Orionid Meteor Shower.

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