JUNE 20, 2012



In our 21st century hi-tech advance society of today, we are yet face with ancient rituals, even deadly rituals that most would rather just not talk about. Of course, many choose to live in denial of things that seem to be outside of the realm of human; for others, the only way to cope is denial. This construct was set up in a way to teach us many things, I often refer to this as the law of 2 or law of opposites. From our genesis, we are introduce to good, evil, light, darkness, love, hate and God, satan. As long as we are connected to the 3rd and 4th dimensional worlds; we are forced to face it and learn from it.

Having a good dose of a Charismatic/Pentecostal background, I learned how easy it is to go to extremes. We yet jokingly call this extreme; the gospel according to late comedian Flip Wilson, "the devil made me do it." For many in Christianity, everything negative is the fault of "the devil," and there is little or no responsibility of humans for our wrong choices and bad actions. For many of them, there seems to be a big devil and a little God, it seems like the devil is most of the time winning. That theology is completely out of balance and erroneous.

I have also had a good dose of the "progressives or Kingdom Believers, that seem to have gone to the opposite extreme. My message and intent is not to make people devil conscious, but God conscious. In doing so, we see the Bigness of the Creator and realize that, we have power and authority over all opposition.. However, one mistake that has been made, is the denial of an entity that may be called the devil, satan or other names. Satan has been relegated to "only" the carnal mind or a negative projection from human consciousness by many progressive Believers. While we can agree that the carnal mind is an enemy to the enChristed mind and that we do project both positive and negative things from our consciousness; we should not deny that there are negative entities outside the 3-dimensional world of human understanding. This does not mean we should obsess on it; but we should be AWARE.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." Sun Tzu, The Art of War


There is truly nothing new under the Sun, ancient rituals that have been performed for thousands of years and may seem irrelevant to many, are yet performed daily. For examples, the rituals of fasting, prayer, meditation, using oils, incense and incantations to access the spirit realm yet work; for those who believe and call on the Being we call God. By the same token, those that perform age old rituals of blood and human sacrifices with incantations and conjurations, to evoke evil forces and satan, get results. Actually, those who practice the dark arts of occultism seem to be more dedicated and convinced of the supernatural than most Christians.

A few weeks ago I learned of a place called Kimball Castle, it was once called Cherokee Castle in Sedalia, Colorado - just south of Denver. Every year during the Summer and Winter Solstices, the Illuminati are known to gather there for a Satanic Human Sacrifice Ritual. Ok, some of you are thinking, this can't be so; why are the Police not informed. This kind of stuff only happens in Africa, India or South America; not in the Christian nation of the USA.

Welcome to reality, it happens here more often than most realize and many of your favorite celebrities and politicians are true believers; however, this is a special gathering. This gathering will be heavily guarded and many No Trespassing signs are posted on the property. Awaken people are aware of this event and each year people go there to protest the Satanic Human Sacrifice Rituals. It is reported that one person did trespass last year. That person was taken to the Psychiatric Hospital and shot up with drugs, declared insane and was not seen for 6 months.

The elite Luciferian Satanist will be arriving on June 20, 2012 in their huge limousines, and dark tinted windows SUV's. The top 100 Satanist Banksters will be arriving and stay through the June 21st, performing their rituals of orgies and human sacrifice. Inside whistle blower say that it will be a baby sacrificed. During these rituals a human infant is killed and sacrificed to Satan (Baphemet-the Goat Headed Demon) and the Satanist drink the blood of the infant they sacrifice, and Baphemet appears before them and goes out to kill the enemies of those satanist who perform this human sacrifice and grant their wishes.

In our May 1, 2012 publication, Satanic Calendar, we explained that there are specific unholy days where high rituals are performed by the world's elite and those that practice the dark arts. June 20-24 is one of the times the Satanist observe.

The Satanic Calendar is comprise up of 4 periods of 13 weeks each, 4x13=52. The number 13 is special for those practicing the dark arts. 52 weeks with 4 highly occultic phases, spread out over 13 cycles of negative energy each. The 4 highly occultic phases are marked by the 2 Equinoxes and 2 Solstices with specific requirements for human sacrifice, blood and or, high emotions to celebrate and activate the energy to be used in a negative way.


According to journalist Benjamin Fulford, Drake and now Cobra; the satanic criminals that control the world's resources and decide which countries are next to be sacrificed in ritual killings to Satan under the disguise of "war," wants to surrender. Yep, that's right, they are going to give up all that money, power and control, and just disappear quietly into the night. The secret meeting at Kimball Castle with the Bush family, Bilderbegers and other Satanist on June 20-21 is really all about surrendering their power according to Fulford.

Here is what Fulford said, " The June 21st meeting is due to take place at the Kimball Castle in Colorado and will consist of people like the Bushes who give orders to the flunkies attending the Bilderberger meetings. Previous gatherings there have featured human sacrifice... The cabal that illegally seized power in the Western world and attempted to set up a fascist world dictatorship known as the New World Order is trying to negotiate a peaceful transition to a saner planet. " Really...?

The purpose for meeting in the haunted Kimball Castle on those specific dates is not to surrender power, It Is To Increase Their Power. For at least 58 years, this place has held a resonance of evil. The Satanic high priestess, Tweet Kimball, made sure of that. The blood of many sacrificed to Satan yet cries out and the tormented energetic emotions of many kids sexually abused yet fill the atmosphere of those rooms. The Satanist plan to harness the forces from the earth's energy grid (vortex) that's there around the Denver area, during specific times that begin at (7:08 pm - EST ) June 20, when the Sun crosses the celestial equator at 23.5 degrees into what was named the Tropic of Cancer 2000 years ago, because the Sun faced Cancer. In reality, it is now the Tropic of Taurus (Pleiades, Orion, Eridanus), Sun facing Taurus.

The Satanic Bankster know that they are losing power and this gathering, as the gathering in early May is to gain more control over humanity from the dark side. They are becoming desperate, as they see their world of illusion collapse before them.

The underground city with military and space bases were built under Denver, Colorado, because of the power grids (vortices). It is a place of high energy that can be used for good or evil. This is why Tesla conducting experiments there, he understood and knew how to tap the power grids and produce free energy. He used this knowledge of the power grids for good.


Cherokee Castle was built between 1924 and 1926 by Denver real estate tycoon Charles Alfred Johnson and his wife Alice. It was built as a recreation of a Scottish masonic castle. The Johnson's owned the castle for 30 years until philanthropist Mildred Montague Genevieve "Tweet" Kimball purchased the property in 1954. It was actually, a gift from her CIA husband she had divorced.

Tweet, who assembled one of the most eclectic art collections in the country was well known for her lavish parties and entertainment of distinguished guests from all over the world. She was a prominent citizen, serving on the board of directors of the Denver Art Museum, the Douglas County Educational Foundation and the National Western Stock show. She lived at the castle until her death in 1999.

In my research, I found out that the connection between the death of little JonBonet Ramsey and Kimball Castle just south of Denver was covered up. Nicholas Schultz, 7 year old boy was pimped out by his father Paul Schultz. According to investigation, Nicolas was taken by airplane to the castle by a wealthy real estate tycoon named Jerry J. Moore and molested there by adults. This was part of a child sex ring, hosted by Kimball Castle for the elite. Paul Schultz was a part of a "heterodox Christian" cult that practiced Nazism and ritual murder. This cultic belief system based in Nazism is a part of the CIA intelligence establishment. It is also called the Brotherhood of the White Temple. The Summer Solstice Satanic Human Sacrifice Ritual is also called the Brotherhood of the White Robe. Doesn't the KKK wear white robes and have an ideology based in Nazism? Are you connecting the dots?

JonBenet Ramsey, victim of a sex game that went awry, her killer was never found or announced. If it had been, it would have possibly exposed the Satanic child sex ring of the wealthy Colorado elites. This would have also led to searches of Satan's lair high up on a hill, called Kimball's Castle.

Do you realize that over 2000 kids under 18 are reported missing each day? Nearly 1 million are reported missing a year and many of them are never found. The harsh reality is that many of them become sex slaves for the satanist or are sacrificed during satanic rituals. Now that we understand a bit more about the esoteric side of the CIA (Brotherhood of the White Temple), we know that many of these kids will never be allowed to be found.

Daily pray, meditation can stop these rituals of human sacrifice of kids.


June 20-24 celebration goes way back to the Anglo-Saxon pagan celebration of Litha. During the time of the Summer Solstice the Sun is turning southwards again, the Solstices are actually portals that allow spirits from the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimensional world when they are invoked through incantations and conjurations. The Archons (arche) or principalities and lower level entities can be easily conjured and will literally manifest, speak and do the bidding of the conjurer and those evoking them. But they will only satisfy wishes when they see the blood. The greater the demand for assistance from the 4th dimensional (spirit) world, the greater the sacrifice must be and of the purest blood (infant, child, virgin, deeply religious innocent person). The non pagans and non Satanist of ancient Europe used to set fires during this Solstice to chase the evil spirit away that had been summoned through the Summer Solstice portal. Many actually saw the entities moving about.

The European Satanist deceive the Christians into accepting Litha as the birthday of John the Baptist. Since the book of Luke states that John the Baptist was 6 months older than Jesus the Christ, they said he was born on the Summer Solstice. Actually, John the Baptist was born on Passover and Jesus was born sometime on or between the Feast of Trumpets and Tabernacles, 6 months later, late September-early October. (Not December) In the 7th century Sait Eliguius warned the Christian and told them they should not be celebrating with dancing, and diabolical chants on the Solstices.

The ancient Satanist knew that the more people involved in their ceremonies, the more evil they could conjure and power. Even if the deceived Christians were not chanting, "hail Lucifer" or "Lord Satan"; their energy and emotions were involved with that specific date or days. Energy and emotions act as fuel or food for the entities in the 4th Dimension. I am sure the Satanist had a good laugh as they do today. Christians yet unknowing assist the darkside by celebrating Satanic unholy days disguised as Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter.

The outer world is yet crumbling and falling apart. If one looks in the natural at all the evils manifesting, it can become discouraging or even scary; especially with the science fiction forms of zombism manifesting all over the world. Cannibalism in broad daylight, people attacking live animals and eating them, emergency rooms treating people worldwide for bites and part of their body that's been literally eaten by other humans. Then there is the recent rise in flesh eating bacteria; another form of zombism, all starting around the times of the solar events we warned about. See all these things for what they are, be aware; but keep your focus on God, Goodness, Love and Peace.

We are now entering a season of great intensity. The heat is on, the pressure is on and it will be felt by all. Emerging out of darkness (ignorance) into light, is quite a transition. In this mixed bag of events in the illusionary outer world and what is real in the world, things can become blurred.


While many yet can't seem to wrap their head around how highly intelligent rich prominent men could do such things as human sacrifices; it is nothing new. The Bible, other holy Scriptures and history are filled with real stories of people sacrificing children to the god Molech and other deities for appeasement and power. We shared in Satanic Calendar prophetically what Eye saw and knew by revelation what would be taking place May 6. (Google Ted Gunderson ex FBI agent whistle blower - from what I am told, he exposes the evils in high places)

Before getting started with this exercise, spend some time building yourself up by deep meditation, chanting or praying in tongues. Those of you that have a map, or pull up one on your computer - Get Denver, Colorado or Sedalia, Colorado, or focus on the photo of Kimball Castle. If possible, place your hand on the screen (monitor) - Through holy incantations, we will bind up the principalities that are seeking to come through. Shut the portals over Colorado. Render any sacrifice powerless. Send confusion and division amongst those that are gathering. Command their kingdom of darkness, hate and greed to crumble and fall. Prepare to release these power words in faith. If possibly at the time of the Solstice 7:08 pm EST. Repeat your incantations as often as possible until midnight June 21, 2012. (This level of intercession/intervention may not be for everyone)

We summon the Angels of Gemini, Mercury, Sun, Cancer and Moon, To work with us, work with us to accomplish evil's doom- (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

From the celestial equator, we summon the Sun of Righteousness eternal Light, To bind the principalities and demons of the night- (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

We seal the portals of the south from which you seek to come, And declare in Jesus name, It's Done! It's Done! It's Done! (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

Your sacrifices and offerings are powerless and dead- You can no longer bring Fear and Dread. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

I send confusion and division among these wicked men, Let them turn on each other - let this be their end. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

All of your kingdoms and wealth you have built- Must now fall, crumble and wilt. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

The angels of Love, Justice and Light, Attend to these words as they take their flight. Amen. Amen. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

[For some of those attending, this will be their last time. Watch the headline news- between 2 weeks to the end of July]

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