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FEBRUARY 23, 2012

Newman sent me this article below several days ago, it further confirms our recent Blogs this week and from last month regarding the Global Economic Restructuring and the Dragon Societies. In the article you will read about the White Dragon Society of Asia and other Dragon families. Click the article below and it will explains why so many Bank CEO's and World leaders are being forced to resign and going to jail.



It is exciting to hear about the economic freedom that is soon to manifest for the world, in spite of the many challenges yet ahead. As we have stated before, we are headed for a time great light and darkness. We get to choose which will be our experience. However, I want to share some thoughts on the esoteric side of this article, which further confirms our (6) Dragon series of Daily Blogs from January 2012. (If you haven't read them, this writing might not make lots of sense to you).

When reading the article above about the "White Dragon Society," to most people that might just seem like a "cool scary Asian name," or something from a martial arts movie. In many films about martial arts, we have heard mention of ancient Dragon Secret Societies, some have even accurately depicted them as being part human and part dragon/reptile hybrids.

The fact is, originally these secret societies and specific "family names" were so named, because of their "ancient non human bloodline." That is the main reasons for "secrecy." During our Dragon Series we shared this. We also shared how in these secret societies that descended from a literal Dragon/Reptilian Race, probably from the constellation of Draco; there are what we would call good and evil Draconians. Thankfully, those that are working with the Light are in the process of overthrowing the darkness. This is what the Global Resignations of the evil Khazarian Bank CEO's and Politicians is all about.

Keep in mind that all the rulers or Emperors of Asia were and are til this day of a Dragon bloodline; sometimes the true rulers may be ruling from behind the scenes. Should we be surprised? Most of those that have ruled Europe, other western nations (America) and parts of Africa are of a Dragon/Reptilian bloodline also. This is why genealogical records proves most of them are related. The Dragon rulers have been divided between the East and West for thousands of years with sub-factions/families of half-bloods, 1/3 bloods, lesser and willing servants.


Why do we have the White Dragon Society, Red Dragon Society, Green Dragon Society, Black Dragon Society, and Dragon Families? Each of these groups are considered to be "illumined ones" Illuminati. Could it be that when the Draconians first descended on this planet, they decided who would rule certain regions? Could it be that there has been a Cosmic Sibling Rivalry being played out on the planet through the human hosts for thousands of years? Have the humans been used in proxy economic and violent warfare (nation against nation, religion against religion, race against race) at the expense of satisfying the huge ego of negative Draconians/Reptilians? Is there any end in sight for the human pin pong game? Yes! There is and there has always been a plan in place to cast down the evil Draconians that have ruled the world (gods of this world) in unrighteousness.

Some of you are probably thinking, Ok, this is sounding weird. This is sounding beyond science fiction. Is there a Scripture in the Bible about this? YES! Also think on the encounter in the Garden of Eden between the serpent/Dragon and Eve.

Do you want to see the Scripture where it accurately described the evil Dragon Society of today? This Dragon Society is a leading one, connected with other Dragon families. Here's the clue. What color Dragon do you see flying across your screen?

"A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous Red Dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days. Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great red dragon was hurled down -that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him." Revelation 12:1-9

The above passage of Revelation 12 is very relevant for 2012. We can not get into the many hidden messages in this writing. Prophecy is written and given to be interpreted multi-dimensionally. In the passage there is clearly the astrological reference, historic, and many other symbols. What many don't realize is that there is a literal futuristic event to be played on in the skies.

So now we have a Biblical prophetic reference of a specific Dragon clan that will be and is being dealt with. The RED DRAGON SOCIETY, the Western version of the Illuminati. Who are they?


Dragon mythology is found all over the world. Usually, the Dragons are depicted as guardian and protectors; as is seen in religious art around the throne of God. The Dragons, also called Seraphim are the closest to the Throne of God. In Asia, the Dragons are also looked upon as protectors and a blessing to humanity most of the time.

In European Dragon mythology, we have the fire-breathing Red Dragons that often attack humans and started wars. Other Dragons were sometime summoned to protect the people from the Red Dragon or a Dragon Slayer arose.

Are there any countries that use the emblem of a Red Dragon today that might help us identify them? Yes!

"In England, to this day, a rampant red dragon (clutching a mace) is the heraldic symbol of the County of Somerset. The county once formed part of the early-medieval Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex in western England, which too bore a dragon or wyvern (a two-legged as opposed to a four-legged dragon) as a symbol. The Wessex beast is usually colored gold in illustrations.

Though Somerset has traditionally had a red dragon as an emblem, the red dragon is more commonly associated with Wales, as its national flag features a red dragon (Y Ddraig Goch). This may originate in Arthurian Legend where Myrddin, employed by Gwrtheyrn, had a vision of the red dragon[8] (representing the Britons)..." Wikipedia


The 2000 year old prophecy of Apostle John on the isle of Patmos writing the book of Revelation specifically describes what we are seeing taking place today. The Debt-Driven Capitalistic economy controlled by the Anglo-Saxon nations are shaking. Those that have enslaved the world through deception, debt and disastrous warfare are being brought down. The Political structure of this Khazarian Babylonian system must be cast down. Apostle John accurately sees and describes the energy of this secret society as a Great Red Dragon.

You must understand we are speaking on multiple levels when we mention the casting down of the Anglo-Saxon nations. We are not addressing "race," we are speaking of a flawed deceptive Satanic system that happened to have been channeled through and capitalize on by certain people groups. We are speaking about the end of control, manipulation, greed and deception on the level that many have become comfortable with. The 7-headed red Dragon of Revelation has affected the whole world (7 continents) with its unjust politics, economic greed and false religions. Another way of saying this is, this is a prophecy about the fall of the (Western) Babylonian system. This is manifesting as Economic Collapse and Political Collapse; it will also result in the Military Collapse of USA, NATO, British & Israeli Forces.

This is the symbol you are greeted with when entering the city of London. What does it say? Dragon of London has "Domine dirige nos" (O Lord guide us) written underneath. Making the Dragon as a God to guide them, with specific term Lord associated with the image of a Dragon.

Are there any other nations that use the Red Dragon as their emblem today? No! The only country on earth that has a Red Dragon as its official symbol is Wales. Queen Elizabeth II made it official in 1952. Where did this come from? Rome used the Red Dragon emblem (and sometimes the White Dragon). It was adopted by Britain, however, the pagans worshiped the Dragon. Dewi was the great Red Dragon from the sea worshiped in ancient Britain.

This human size image below was used in the Queen's Coronation in 1953. It stands beside her throne. The Dragons are always guardians of the throne and symbolize power. It is called the Queens' Beast.

The Red Dragon Society is a revived name or cover name for the Nazis (Saxons) that yet exist and have never left power. These are those that long for warfare, violence, death and blood; the color of the Red Dragon. Look around the world today (South America, India, Pakistan, Asia, Middle East, and Africa) and it will be easy to identify the root of every major conflict. The Red Dragon is yet breathing fire of destruction and creating weapons of mass destruction.


First of all, we are aware of "many anti-Christ" as the scripture states it. We are also aware of the carnal nature or ego representing the anti-Christ. As great as all this sounds; Prosperity, Peace, Global Settlements, and the greedy blood thirsty Khazarians being kicked out of power...umm, something aint quite kosher yet. We agree that many of these things are confirming what the Spirit has been saying...but here's a thought.

Ok, Red Dragon-lady Queen Elizabeth will give up power to Prince Harry? (This may not be announced on CNN or FOX). If this happens, I have some serious problems with it. I have just identified the Great Red Dragon as Britain and secret societies of Anglo-Saxon nations that has caused all the major conflicts in the world. Wikipedia also identifies them.

When the Red Dragon of Revelation 12 (Anglo-Saxon evil Illuminati, Masons, Satanist, etc) saw that they were defeated and could no longer Deceive and control the world as before through DEBT, Warfare, GMO, man-made disasters, religious and racial division, he gave up his power to the Beast. "And I saw a beast...and the dragon gave him his power, and his throne and great authority." Revelation 13:2 Are we getting a picture of this world ruler the Bible speaks of? Could this be Prince Harry of Red Dragon bloodline? What happened to Prince William, he is 2nd in line after his father Prince Charles? Watch and Pray, Be not Deceived. (More about this Chimera Beast in future Daily Blogs)


We are speaking on several levels to relay this message in a way that is easy to understand. First of all, there were and are literal Dragons on the planet. They are from a Dragon/Reptilian Race probably from the constellation of Draco in the Zodiac of Sagittarius. This huge constellation is at the right hand of Cepheus, the coming Ruler-a constellation of stars in the center of the heavens depicting One sitting on a throne.

Secondly, the Draconians did interact sexually with human women and produced Dragon Seeds on the planet. The first of many Biblical reference is Genesis 3, Eve and the Serpent/Dragon produced Cain. Thirdly, the seed is yet on the planet and most royals trace their bloodline to it. Fourthly, most of the truth has been hidden and covered up in so called, myths and legends. Fifthly, they understand the power in symbols. This is why Dragon and reptiles are in every culture telling and re-telling the history and prophesying what is to come. Keep in mind, myths and legends are mostly forgotten or unbelievable history. There are those that would not like for us to know the truth about history.

In the ancient history/mythology of India will we find the roots of the Black Dragon Society. It was recently renamed, the White Dragon Society based on an ancient inscription outside a cave in Japan.

"BENZAITEN is a river Goddess in Indian mythology. Her Sanskrit name "Sarasvat;" means "flowing water" and thus she represents everything that flows (e.g., music, words, speech, eloquence). Benzaiten the Indian Goddess appears in some artwork together with a sea dragon. In other depictions, Benzaiten is occasionally surrounded by white serpents, or crowned with a white serpent. She is sometimes depicted as mounted on a Dragon or serpent. Later she was adopted into the Buddhist and then Shinto pantheons of Japan as Benten. One of Japan's Seven Lucky Gods."

The Japanese version says that the Goddess Benten descended because a Dragon was misbehaving and had started to eat children. This was totally out of character for the Asian Dragons that protected the people. Benten married the Dragon and there was peace again. Legend says that when Benten married the Dragon, the island Enoshima was immediately formed. Here stands a stature of the White Dragon outside the cave protecting the island til this day.

It is from the Dragon seed, blood-line that Emperors of Asia descended. According to history, Mituru Toyama created the Black Dragon Secret Society (Genyosha), he fought against injustice and the Westernization of Japan in the 1800's. Of course, today he would be called a terrorist. The Black Dragon Society (from which we also got many forms of Kung-fu, martial arts) is now called the White Dragon Society.

The White Dragon Society sees themselves as the Guardians and Protectors of the planet and all human life, as the dragons in the ancient times. The White Dragon society is mentioned in the news article above. This ancient society today is lead by a group of Elders living in the "forbidden zone" of China. They are thought to be immortals by some because of their extremely long life span.

If you read the Blogs from a few days ago, you will be able to connect the dots. Catch this! Lord Blackheath of the Upper House of Lords of England stated that about $15 trillion dollars of $36 trillion had been stolen from a descendent of an Indo-Chinese royal family of Asian Emperors. His name was given as Mr. Riyadi. We see the legend of the Black/White Dragon starts in Indian and is in Japan. In China, the Goddess Bixia Yuanjin is equivalent to Benten of Japan and Benzaiten of India. How does one accumulate $36 trillion dollars in what we know of as one life time? Is this starting to make sense?

According to Ben Fulford, the Green Dragon Society has its roots in Persia (Iran) and Central Asia. I kinda believe they would be absorbed into the White Dragon Society. Who is one of Iran's main allies? China.

Dating as far back as 3000 BC, many looked to Chinese Dragons to keep evil spirits at bay. It is also believed that an evil President or Ruler will not be elected during the Year of the Dragon. We hope that to be true.


Nothing happens by chance and there are no coincidences. During the year of the Dragon there will be more subtle and also open hints of how this energy is manifesting.

(This was recently brought to my attention by Joycelyn). Have you heard of LINsanity? Jeremy Lin, the Chinese American rising Basketball star? His family is from Taiwan, he was born in America. He is a "practicing" born-again Christian. He desires to be a Pastor and do a lot of humanitarian work, but he has recently become the latest Sports Phenomenon.

Did you know that his birthday is August 23, 1988? 1988 was the year of the Earth Dragon. What does "Lin" mean? Lin means Dragon. (other definitions are woods, forest for the Chinese character that make Lin) The Dragon energy of power, wisdom and prosperity is permeating the atmosphere, it's LINsanity.

What is his Jersey number? 17 1+7=8 - the number 8 or "Fai" means RICH in Chinese, it is the number of Good Luck. 8 is also the number of New Beginnings, Immortality and Unlimited.

More to come in the blogs.

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